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TICKLE YOUR FUNNY   Tuesday 12/5

When was the last time you really laughed? What do you find funny? What types of characters are begging to be laughed at? What’s the difference between a giggle, a snicker and a wild guffaw? Comedy is a form. It has a rhythm, a tempo. It can be base, refined, dirty or ridiculous. It can appear in the midst of darkness. It can crush the opposition. Come and explore the power of laughter in your writing.

WATER IS SOUL   Wednesday 12/6

Tears are like rain. Without them, we’d never grow. Tears remind us our souls are alive. What is the force of tears in a story? In our lives? In our culture? What loosens up when we cry? What new revelation wells up from within? Dive into the watery realm and create work that moves you and your audience.

IT’S NOT FUNNY, BUT IT IS   Tuesday 12/12

Comedy and Tragedy are different dramatic structures for storytelling, but in life, these seemingly opposite forms exist simultaneously. Flip a coin and it’s the sad face. Flip it again and it’s laughing. Create characters with contrasting viewpoints and shifting perspectives on a single event. Push your characters to grapple with each other as they seek to find common ground.

CHANGE THE CHANNEL   Wednesday 12/13

What refrain do we hear over and over inside our heads? How do these inner voices shape our movement through the world? Are they positive or negative? Where did they come from? What does it take to change the channel? Discover the inner monologue that drives your character’s actions. Create events and upheavals to challenge your characters toward new growth.


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