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Ragged Wing Ensemble not only provides amazing, provocative theater for Bay Area audiences, they’ve made it their mission to teach and encourage young people to pursue their passions for the stage. Whatever is given to them is returned to the community multiplied!” – Past supporter

We offer school-based residencies for students in grades 4 through 12. These can be either during the school day as enrichment to a core content area class, or as an after-school program. The content and theme of the residency can be designed to complement the academic focus of the classroom teacher or the interest of the school through a collaborative curriculum design process. A list of sample residencies is below, but we are happy to design the residency to match the needs of the school or teacher. Youth in RWE programs learn performance skills, writing, directing and design, as well as professionalism, self-expression, collaboration, leadership skills, and how to turn their interests and talents into a sustainable career in the arts or beyond.

Please contact to set up a residency at your school.

Solo Performance and Monologue (10-15 sessions)

Students will understand the monologue as a form of dramatic performance and storytelling. We will read,analyze, and practice performance skills with previously published monologues, and then students will have the opportunity to craft an original piece based on their own writing.

Adaptation of Literature (10-15 sessions)

Students will gain playwriting and performance skills by adapting and performing existing pieces of literature. The focus of this residency is on choral speaking, movement and deep text analysis, for an embodied understanding of literature. Instructors will focus on whatever text is relevant to the needs of the classroom teacher and the

Creating an Original Piece of Ensemble-Based Theater (12-30 sessions)

This residency focuses on creating an original work of theater based on the ideas of the ensemble. Students begin with games and exercises to build performance skills and generate ideas. We will then shift into more specific character development and story-creation through improvisation and writing. Students will turn their ideas into a short play, through monologue and dialogue writing, choreography and rehearsal. The class culminates in a final production co-written by the students and instructor.

Several of our previous students have gone on to do great things in the arts world!

Ragged Wing Youth programs are direct gateways to:

● Oakland School for the Arts
● Gritty City Repertory Youth Theatre
● Becoming Ragged Wing company members
● Working as a professional artist