splinters_poster_largeWritten and directed by Andrea L. Hart
Original score by Kent Blodgett
January 20 to February 11, 2006

Northbrae Community Center

Family. Fidelity. Fatherhood. Fertility. Fairy tales. These are just some of the f-words invoked in Ragged Wing Ensemble’s second offering:

Splinters…and Other F-Words. Using the fairy tale of the Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson as a backbone, F-Words delves into the murky world of familial bonds and betrayals. Through a nonlinear sequence of fantasies and memories, F-Words juxtaposes the fairy tale with a modern search for happiness in relationships that are subject to an increasingly frozen and numbing society dictated by frenetic schedules, demanding careers, and lightning-speed technology.

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Members of the ensemble cast include:

Keith C. Davis, Mateo Hinojosa, Mariah Howard, Lauren Pizzi, Amy Sass and Anna Shneiderman. Original score by Kent Blodgett. Set design Sarah Samonsky and DJ Whelan. The show is written and directed by Andrea L. Hart.

Lighting Design: Jarrod Fischer
Artistic Design:Sarah Samonsky
Set Design: DJ Whelan
Original music: Kent Blodgett
Sound Design:Chris Palmatier
Costume Design: Rachel Crothers
Video Design: JP Duboucheron and Melinda Busch
Choreography: Christine Hebel
Ballroom Choreography: Cat Lisak
Electrician: Aaron Sass

Acting Interns:
Esther Dane
Aidan Gavet
Amalia Korczowski
Eline Leemans
Roxie Perkins
Noah Teller