Co-written by Amy Sass & Anthony Clarvoe
Directed by Amy Sass

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A girl is ripening on the edge of town, uncontrolled, chaotic, voracious. This is an orderly place. Everything is on the map: the last scrap of woods, the old house on the outskirts. You can see the line where the big new road will go. Right through Red’s room. Everyone thinks the predators are gone. But what if they’ve just gone… inside?

Inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, the most sexually charged of folk tales, REDWOLF is a world-premiere, full-length play co-written by Ragged Wing Artistic Director Amy Sass and nationally recognized playwright Anthony Clarvoe.  Ripe with hunger, sexuality, and the conflict between the paved and the wild, REDWOLF follows a young woman’s journey from girlhood to wolfhood. This show marks the culmination of Ragged Wing’s JUST RIPE season and our first full-length show in our new home, The Flight Deck.



Co-written by Amy Sass & Anthony Clarvoe
Directed by Amy Sass
Production Manager: Mariana Olvera
Set Design: Erik LaDue
Costume Design: Abra Berman
Lighting Design: Joey Postil
Properties Design: Andy Faulkner
Video Projections: Julie Robertson
Music Design: Tamara Roberts and Laura Inserra
Stage Manager: Maggie Manzano

Featuring: Jaime Currier, Keith Davis, Dan Kurtz, Cecilia Palmtag, Carlye Pollack, and David Stein

Photo: Serena Morelli

Video Editing: Julia Robertson

October 17 – November 8 Fridays at 8pm Saturdays at 2pm and 8pm, Sundays at 7pm

The Flight Deck 1540 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612