persephone_poster_v12_largeThe World Premiere of
created and directed by Anna Shneiderman
Oct. 27th – 31st, 2010
Weds. – Sun. at 5:30 pm

Follow Persephone’s footsteps into the Underworld and join us as we encounter the ancient triple goddess in this All Hallows Eve ritual performance event. An ancient ferryman, a maze of roots, the keeper of the crossroads… However you arrive, the veil grows thin and the spirits will play as we welcome the Darkness of the season.

Codornices Park  
1201 Euclid Ave.  
Berkeley, CA


Persephone entered Hades and the world went dark.  Winter was born.

Take a look at this interview with Director Anna Shneiderman in this week’s East Bay Express.

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Audience information
– The gathering place is on the Rose Garden side of the tunnel, near the tennis courts.
– The show begins PROMPTLY at 5:30.  It is about an hour long.
– Please use the restrooms by the tennis court before the show.  It is harder to find a pit stop along the way.
– During this show, you will be walking through the park, so please wear comfortable walking shoes and layers for warmth.  There are places to sit at most of the sites.
– In the case of rain, please check this website at 3:00 to see if the show is cancelled.
– The show is free and there is no need to make a reservation.  Please bring cash for donations, however.  We will be passing the hat at the end of the show.


Silvia Girardi
Emlyn Guiney
Molly Holcomb
WM. Hunter
Lisa Klein
Maria Leigh
David Stein
Addie Ulrey
Phil Wharton

Jenny Holland
Brendan Liu
Tamara Roberts

Director: Anna Shneiderman
Assistant Director: Emlyn Guiney
Music Director: Jenny Holland
Art Director: Amy Sass
Costume Designer: Gray Morris
Puppet Designer: Djuna Odegard
Environment Designer: Mirit Markowitz
Stage Managers: Natalia Kaminska-Palarczyk and Erin Sterling
Production Manager: Linda Baumgardner