maybe_babyimage-1-2-1_largeMaybe Baby
written and directed by Amy Sass
Bay One Acts Festival – Program 2
April 22 – May 12

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Human population has exceeded 7 billion. Through punctuation, numbers, divination and teapots, Maybe Baby explores the relationship between choice, chance and children. Ragged Wing Ensemble continues it’s series of interactive performance events exploring the theme of fortune.

We investigate how the universe speaks to us through our daily interactions: road signs, dreams, messages and images that find us when we most need them or warn us from going down the wrong path.

How can we take responsibility for our own destiny while also accepting the cards we are dealt?

Each of the four chapters explores an aspect of this question from a different perspective. This 6 month project will culminate in an evening of pieces in late May by all three chapter directors in “The Complete Works”.

To read an interview with the writer & director Amy Sass talking about Maybe Baby, click here


Featuring Keith Davis, Kate Kilbane, Annie Paladino, Anna Shneiderman, David Stein, Addie Ulrey, Phil Wharton

Music Composed and Performed by Kate Kilbane

Stage Manager Cecilia Palmtag
Costumes & Props Anya Kazimierski, Djuna Odegard
Production Manager Edna M. Barron