fierce-play-series-demoCreated and directed by Ragged Wing’s Core Ensemble

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January 17-19 and 24-26, 2014

Ragged Wing’s Core Ensemble will lead the creation of FIERCE PLAYS in a condensed time frame of fourteen days. Why work under the gun? It’s theatrical atheleticism!

What makes a play FIERCE? Exploration! Working at the collision of DARING and DISCIPLINE! PLAY, RIGOR, MYSTERY and the spirit of YES! NOW! The FIERCE PLAY Performance Series is an invitation to practice the power of GO. To bang the words: RAW and POLISHED together and make the sparks fly. This work raises energy and creates crackling, electric performances. The artists work at the edge of possibility and the wild mind alights! What holds it together? The FIERCE PLAY Performance Series is a giant LEAP into the creative YES. We’re taking it. Come with us.