Making It_2

Destination Home is four new short plays written and directed by members of the Ensemble. By turns wistful, comic, incisive, and mythic, playwrights Anthony Clarvoe, Cecilia Palmtag, Addie Ulrey, and Windy Wynazz address fundamental questions about how we create and find home. All four plays will be performed each night; running time is approximately two hours with one intermission. The series will run Fridays & Saturdays at 8:00 pm and Sundays at 2:00 pm.

In Anthony Clarvoe’s Rock Springs (Photo Gallery), an old woman has lived alone in the same house for fifty years. But this house can’t be hers. She’s still a schoolgirl. And she’s not alone. But everyone here died in Rock Springs. They want something but they won’t say what. She ran away from home. Now home is trying to take her back.

On a journey you have two options: to go forward or to turn back. If you are two pioneers on the road to California, a home awaits at either end of the journey. The home you left behind, and the dream of home ahead. When is it right to keep going? When is better to turn back? Is turning back the same as quitting or can it be a victory? In Addie Jean Ulrey’s Making It (Photo Gallery), each step is a decision.

Patients, playthings and cars.  It’s a hot mess and Lilah loves it, but it’s making Diana sick. As Diana works to contain the rigid edges of reality the pressure inside is mounting.  Here, nothing can escape, and only the unbreakable will find a way out.  Mother’s Fever Dream (Photo Gallery) is a solo performance written and performed by Cecilia Palmtag.

In Windy Wynazz, Sabrina Wenske, and Michele Owen’s Fantasy Home Sweepstakes: Malibu (Photo Gallery) a gaggle of motley clowns win the big time.  A fantasy home in Malibu.  What could possibly go wrong?

Tickets are $20-40 sliding scale and available now.


Writer/Directors: Anthony Clarvoe, Cecilia Palmtag, Addie Ulrey, Windy Wynazz
Artistic Director: Amy Sass
Set Designer: Erik LaDue
Lighting Designer: Will Poulin
Technical Director: Lance O’Dell
Production Stage Manager: Jessica Greenstreet
Assistant Stage Manager/Props: Sarah Petta
House Manager: Allison Fenner

Featuring: Travis Coleman, Lisa Drostova, Anya Kazimierski, Mary Matabor, Cecilia Palmtag, Christina Shonkwiler, Sango Tajima, Puja Tolton, and Michele Owen.