atomicintuition-1-1_largeATOMIC INTUITION
created by the Ensemble
directed by Cecilia Palmtag
March 9 – 11 Fri & Sat. 8pm/Sun 5pm

$15-30 (sliding scale)

1515 Webster St, Oakland is ADA accessable. Press Release
A crash course in intuiting for citizens of the Digital Age –

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Challenging the dichotomy of the material and psychic worlds, we ask; “Is the fabric of Mystery woven with electrons and protons?” Chapter Two of the Fortune Project is a highly interactive multidisciplinary performance experience that offers ways of peering into this question with activities, reflections and a central performance. The audience is invited to gamble with their memories, divine through film, and tell a tarot reader what is in store for them. Designed to delight and disorient, Atomic Intuition, conceived by Cecilia Palmtag and embodied by the ensemble, explores the forest of uncertainty in search of grounding perspectives and constant truths.

Ragged Wing Ensemble opens 2012 with a series of interactive performance events exploring the theme of Fortune.

We investigate how the universe speaks to us through our daily interactions: road signs, dreams, messages and images that find us when we most need them or warn us from going down the wrong path.

How can we take responsibility for our own destiny, while also accepting the cards we are dealt?

Each of the four chapters explores an aspect of this question from a different perspective. This 6 month project will culminate in an evening of pieces in late May directed by various ensemble members.


Keith Davis, Kevin Demery, Annelise Devore, Anna Shneiderman, David Stein, Keenan Varley

Special Guest Artist
Mekayla Blank

Art Director/Graphic Design/Sideshow
Amy Sass

Video Design
Hiromi Yoshida

Stage Manager
Mica Pirie

Production Manager/Sound Design
Edna Miroslava Barron