Written and Directed by Amy Sass
February 25 (Preview) – March 27th
Thursdays-Saturdays @ 8 pm
Central Stage

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a reinvention of the folktale The Handless Maiden

Sometimes it is those cataclysmic moments. The ones that damage us, alter us, and drive us toward our deepest maturity. “Sweetness has tooth”

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Ash: Lauren Spencer
Twig: DiLecia Childress
Shine: Aleph Ayin
Benjamin Candle: Keith Davis*
Clara Candle: Anna Shneiderman*
Millie Candle: Sophia Sinsheimer
Grace Candle: Annamarie MacLeod
Lord Colin: Keith Davis*
John: Aleph Ayin
Piper: Henry Kinder
Leisel: Anna Shneiderman*

Director: *Amy Sass
Assistant Director: *Keith C. Davis
Producer: *Anna Shneiderman
Production Manager:.Linda Baumgardner
Stage Managers: Michelle Smith & Phil Ramey
Set Designer: Plamena Milusheva
Costume Designer: Gray Morris
Lighting Designer: Dan Weiermann
Sound Designer: Aidan Fraser
Props Master: Djuna Odegard
Assistant Stage Managers: Ebony Gordon, Kalid Alkaifee,
Omar McCullough
Lighting Board Operator: Lance OʼDell
Poster/Postcard Design: Aidan Fraser
Poster/Poster Illustration: Amy Sass
Set Construction: Jeff Johnson,
Robert Fraser, Omar McCullough
Lance OʼDell, Kalid Alkaifee,
Plamena Milusheva, Keith Davis
Michael Rosenbaum, Chris Fure
Scenic Art: Amy Sass, Keith C. Davis