Created and directed by Ragged Wing’s Core Ensemble
Ragged Wing’s Core Ensemble will lead the creation of FIERCE PLAYS in a condensed time frame of fourteen days. Why work under the gun? It’s theatrical atheleticism!

What makes a play FIERCE? Exploration! Working at the collision of DARING and DISCIPLINE! PLAY, RIGOR, MYSTERY and the spirit of YES! NOW! The FIERCE PLAY Performance Series is an invitation to practice the power of GO. To bang the words: RAW and POLISHED together and make the sparks fly. This work raises energy and creates crackling, electric performances. The artists work at the edge of possibility and the wild mind alights! What holds it together? The FIERCE PLAY Performance Series is a giant LEAP into the creative YES. We’re taking it. Come with us.

January 17 9:00 pm
January 18 5:00 & 9:00 pm
January 19 5:00 pm

Envision Academy
1515 Webster Street
Oakland, California

✵ Ragged Wing Core Artist
✩ Ragged Wing Professional Apprentice


Artistic Director: Amy Sass ✵
Core Company Director: Keith Davis ✵
Producer: Anna Shneiderman ✵
Script Consultant: Anthony Clarvoe
Stage Manager/Sound Operator: Paul Corman- Roberts
Assistant Stage Manager: Kelley Sanchez ✩
Production Manager: Christina Shonkwiler
Lighting Designer: Daniel Weiermann
Assistant Lighting Designer/Lighting Operator: Lance O’Dell
Graphic Design: Michael Correa
Program Layout: Lisa Drostova


Photo Gallery

The Clearing
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The Clearing

An ‘incident’ occurs in the lives of several creatures, with vastly different repercussions. Follow how each memory of the same moment changes for each storyteller but with the same result. Using myth, first and last love, nature, and imagery, The Clearing explores love and death–ripeness and rot–to rediscover the memory of memory.

Written and directed by Keith Davis ✵
Thorn-the Tree, neither male nor female, good nor bad
Miss-a young and not-so-young woman, bright and antisocial
Crux-a man with little youth and a hardness of spirit

DiLecia Childress ✵
Amalia Mourad ✩
Carlye Pollack

Spooning Leads to Forking

What part do personal demons play in shaping our identities? How do some learn to live with them while others crumble under their weight? Do they leap from parent to child or have they always existed, laying in wait for an unsuspecting passerby? Young Will struggles to come to terms with his father’s violent legacy while Sam is tempted by a beguiling stranger that could change her life forever. Everyone’s got a demon. Some more than others.

Written and directed by David Stein ✵
Assistant Director: Kelley Sanchez ✩
Will/His Dad/Sam’s Dad: Thomas Arndt ✩
Sam/Her Mom/Will’s Mom: Allison Fenner ✩
Fork: Cherie Girard
Spoon: Dan Kurtz

How to Ripen

Accept that time is passing.
You may never feel ripe, but at some point you will feel past ripe.
You will wonder what ripe may have felt like. You will recall moments when you thought, “this is the beginning.”
You will recall arrival, departure.
But the thing itself?

This life is not a fruit.
The body is a fruit, but this life is not a fruit. We are always ripe and ready to be taken.

Written and directed by Addie Ulrey ✵
Caitlin Evenson
Anya Kazimierski
Mary Matabor ✵
Christina Shonkwiler
Sabrina Wenske ✩

Knife in the Socket

Every need and desire is provided for by one machine. This savior of the masses also guides decisions and regulates emotions in a dense and turbulent world. Plugging in comes at a high price, and disconnecting means almost certain death.

Written by Cecilia Palmtag ✵
Directed by Rebecca Longworth
Props by Djuna Odegard Leanne: Jeunee Simon ✩
Portia: Nkechi
Offstage Voice: Thomas Arndt ✩