an improbable love story           Photo Gallery

“The cast is wonderful”
“Kudos to Ragged Wing for leaving me with more intriguing questions than pat answers”

A mismatched band of survivors seek to revive hope as they conjure Shakespeare’s improbable love story, The Winter’s Tale. A fractured kingdom, a leader isolated by guilt and a bond broken and mended; Ragged Wing Ensemble’s muscular adaptation explores questions of jealousy, honor, magic and redemption.

Directed by Keith Davis
Adapted by Bill Peters

Featuring: Rachel Brown, Shane Fahy, Akaina Ghosh, Benoit Monin, *David O. Stein, Ryan Takemiya, Margherita Ventura

Creative team: Keith Davis, Ella Cooley, Jalua Dell, Tim Dick, Akaina Ghosh, Derek Moore, Bill Peters, Amy Sass, Helen Slomowitz, Alawna Sullivan

Photos: Serena Morelli

* Member Actor’s Equity Association. The Winter’s Tale is an Equity-approved production.

Special post-show small group discussion after the Saturday matinee performance on 10/29 with CalShakes Dramaturg Philippa Kelly. Philippa is well-known and loved for her Grove Talks at the Bruns; we’re honored to have her join us to discuss the resonances of The Winter’s Tale with our time.

At The Flight Deck, 1540 Broadway, Oakland

October 21-November 12, 2016

Fridays and Saturdays, 8 pm
Saturday Matinee, 2 pm
Sundays, 5 pm
1hr 45m, with a 10m intermission

Tickets $25-45