2015/16 Season Theme: KIN

By blood or by choice, to whom are you bound? What ties sustain while others tangle or tear? How do you navigate the spoken and unspoken topography of family? In this season of artistic work, Ragged Wing Ensemble digs into the land of KIN, a powerful terrain of lineage and inheritance, boundaries and burdens, and the property of the heart.


Through the Wall

October 23-November 7, 2015

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A bedtime story from the other side

“A Tenant’s Horror Story Fit for Halloween”–Gillian Edevane, East Bay Express

Ragged Wing Ensemble returns to its Halloween season tradition of presenting a spooky new work with Through the Wall, an original play surrounded by immersive art installations. A group of roommates must contend with a house that is more than it seems–and their own fears. Upon entering The Flight Deck, guests are swallowed by an aging house. After walking a labyrinth brimming with secrets, guests are invited into the sanctum where the barriers between the living and the dead are not as they seem.

Written by Anthony Clarvoe, Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko, Sango Tajima, and Davern Wright
Directed by Cecilia Palmtag and Addie Ulrey
Creative Team: Eric Bohr, Lisa Drostova, Allison Fenner, Raven Hinojosa, Erik LaDue, Mary Matabor, Alanna Mickles, Lance O’Dell, Danny Osburn, Michele Owen, Emmy Pierce,  Cid Pineda, Hussein Hosni, Anna Shneiderman, Marlene Tobias, Puja Tolton, and Liz Wand

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Whale’s Wake

April 15-May 7, 2016

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A legend for the ones left living

“Sass has a knack for compelling blocking and movement that gives the production a ton of visual impact… [Whale’s Wake] is very true to the experience of many people who’ve lost a parent, spouse or other close loved one.” Sam Hurwitt, San Jose Mercury News

Dad is dead. Emma is home. Now there’s a whale. A clan’s grief for its lost patriarch surreally bends the rules of society and the laws of nature. As the family struggles with economic ruin, the ocean seems to share their devastation. Long estranged, sharing only haphazard traditions, they contend over how to honor the difficult dead, an auction gone horribly wrong, a disappearing casket of ashes, a house that won’t stay put, and a suicidal whale. Funny, sexy, incantatory.

Written and directed by Amy Sass. An Equity-approved project co-produced with PlayGround.

Featuring: Mikka Bonel, *David Cramer, *Anne Darragh, Keith C. Davis,*Sharon Huff, and Anya Kazimierska. *member of Actor’s Equity Association

Creative Team: Terry Bamberger, Abra Berman, Arashi Cesana, Anthony Clarvoe, Keith C. Davis, Aidan Fraser, Laura Inserra, Erik LaDue, Dashiell Menard, Florence McCafferty, Cecilia Palmtag, Hussein Sami, Amy Sass, Anna Shneiderman, and Daniel Weiermann

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KIN: A Gallery Show

June 3 – July 30, 2016

by blood or by choice

Ragged Wing’s visual artists tackle the theme of Kin from multiple perspectives.