Oct 27 – Nov 11, 2017                                                      Photo Gallery

How do we fix what is broken?

What happens when we realize the real change starts inside each of us?

Two astronauts, escaping the cruelty and destruction of our current world, travel through multiple realities (dystopian, strange, beautiful, and comic) looking for a kinder, freer universe. As they travel, their identities are thrown into question, and they must grapple with the scariest thing in the multiverse: themselves.

Collaboratively created by a diverse team of seven multi-talented artists with guidance from Ragged Wing Artistic Director Amy Sass, MULTIVERSE takes us on a wild ride through possible realities and back to ourselves. This project is a powerful act of collaboration, ensemble and co-authorship.

Created and performed by:

Rachel Brown * Tatiana Chaterji * Fenner * Inocente Po Guizar * Emmy Pierce * Julius Rea * Ryan Takemiya

Production team:

Sound Design: William Campbell

Stage Manager: Kenitra Love

Props Designer: Lily Marylander

Costume Design: Jessica McGovern

Facilitator: Dia Penning

Production Manager: Leslie Price

Creative Producer: Amy Sass

Lighting Design: Miranda Waldron

Photography: Serena Morelli