Clown Mama

What is it like to give birth to a clown? An exploration of mothers, daughters, and the trials and tribulations of raising a performing artist.

Directed by Windy Wynazz
Featuring Christina Shonkwiler, Sango Tajima, Puja Tolton, Emmy Pierce

Rich and Famous

A showgirl and her soul-searching, yearnings, and secret demons. Award-winning and simply shocking, comedienne Windy Wynazz — renowned for her special blend of camp, seduction & insanity — brings you an extraordinary new comedy cabaret of wigs, lipstick, puppets and the harsh reality of making dreams come true.

Created by Windy Wynazz & Deanna Fleysher
Starring: Windy Wynazz
Directed by: Deanna Fleysher


At The Flight Deck, 1540 Broadway, Oakland

November 17-20, 2016
Thursday-Saturday 8 pm; Sunday 5pm

Tickets: $15-30, sliding scale