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Ragged Wing produces four professional and two youth shows each year. Our shows are all original world premieres and are characterized by adventurous physicality, large-scale visual design, original music, and often audience immersive elements. Our shows are created by our team of interdisciplinary artists collaborating to create integrated pieces that speak to a contemporary audience. Each year, we focus on a season theme that we explore through each of the following types of shows:

  • In October, we produce our Fall Festival, an original, immersive, outdoor exploration of death and the spirit world.
  • In January, we produce our Fierce Play Series, a set of original, short pieces inspired by the season theme.
  • In the Spring, we produce our Mainstage show, a full-length, original play that delves deep into the season theme.
  • In June, we produce our Gallery show, a collaboration among visual artists, filmmakers and performers to close out the season.
  • In addition, we produce one full-length youth show in February, and a festival of 2-minute plays written, directed and performed by our Youth Ensemble in May.