Mix with water. Pour and level. Wait. Time to set. Time to cure. Sturdy, basic, humble. We change the ground we walk on. CONCRETE DREAMING is the art of imagining from the ground up. What does it take to make dreams solid? Whose dreams get built? Ragged Wing Ensemble looks to the ground for inspiration, examining the foundation of things and the deep necessity for dreams.

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March 31-April 22, 2017

What if a place you spent time in every day changed, literally, overnight? A joint production with Theatre Aluminous, Gritty City Rep, and the Lower Bottom Playaz.


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June 2017

Ragged Wing’s visual artists tackle the theme of Concrete Dreaming from multiple perspectives.


The Flight Deck’s annual gala: our chance to get to know you, and your chance to support not-for-profit theater in Oakland. A sit-down dinner, a silent auction, and curated performances led by musician Kev Choice.

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The Winter’s Tale

Oct 21-Nov 12, 2016

A fractured kingdom, a leader isolated by guilt, and a bond broken and mended.

An Evening of Physical Comedy: CLOWN MAMA and RICH AND FAMOUS

Nov 17-20, 2016

An exploration of mothers, daughters, and the trials and tribulations of raising a performing artist; a showgirl and her soul-searching, yearnings, and secret demons.