Ragged Wing is a member of the following organizations:

The SF Bay Area Ensemble Consortium

The SF Bay Area Ensemble Consortium is a network of local Ensemble Theaters whose purpose is to:

  • Support artistic cross-fertilization among Bay Area ensembles
  • Encourage ensembles to share resources and skills, both artistic and business-related
  •  Advocate for increased legitimacy, visibility and recognition for the form of ensemble performance in the Bay Ares and beyond, and for increased leverage in dealing with other institutions.

The consortium is conceived as a loose structure where individuals and companies get as much out of it as they put in, so all meetings (1/month) are open to anyone interested. Participating ensembles include Theatre of Yugen, Ragged Wing EnsembleFoolsFURYMugwumpinInferno Theatre and Rapid Descent as well as a number of individuals, and growing.