Ragged Wing’s venue, The Flight Deck, is currently hiring a new General Manager. We are accepting applications through October 10, 2017.

Please click here for the full job description.

Ragged Wing is currently hiring for the 2017-18 Season.

Stage Manager

Stipend $1000/show, $2000/season


  • Take rehearsal notes (including blocking for each scene) and share them with the cast and crew after each rehearsal in regular digital rehearsal notes
  • Maintain the official “book” including all blocking, tech and script notes
  • Update the script when necessary and ensure that everyone involved in the show has an updated copy
  • Set up and strike rehearsal space, including basic Flight Deck upkeep such as restocking bathrooms and removing full trash
  • Arrive early to rehearsals, provide access to the space for all involved, shut down the space at the end of each rehearsal and performance
  • Maintain rehearsal and show schedules
  • Coordinate the integration of tech elements and manage props, costumes, and sound/lighting equipment
  • Run/Oversee dry tech, Q2Q, dress week, and any major fixes that need to be addressed after opening
  • Oversee ASMs, board ops, and tech crew during shows

To apply, send cover letter and resume to leslie@raggedwing.org with subject line “2017-2018 Production Team Application”

Board Operator

Stipend: $400


  • Attend technical rehearsals, Cue to Cue, Dress rehearsals, and performances
  • To perform any Pre-show check-ups, administering any troubleshooting, repairs, and patching needed to maintain the Lighting Design of the show during the run of the production.
  • Attend Brush-up and Documentation rehearsals
  • Attend Strike

    To apply, send resume to leslie@raggedwing.org with

    “2017-2018 Production Team Application” in the subject line.

House Manager

Stipend: $400

  • HOUSE MANAGER will begin managing ticketing on contract signing and be available by phone and email for Box Office setup.
  • Train with Ragged Wing Ensemble (RWE) staff at least once for 1-2 hours between 10/16-20.
  • Multiverse previews/performances on 10/21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29, 11/3, 4, 5, 10, and 11. Evening performances Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm, Sundays at 5pm. Call time is 6 pm for 8 pm shows, and 3 pm for 5 pm.
  • Strike is November 12 and HOUSE MANAGER participates fully.

Job Description

  • Run all ticketing in Vendini in consultation with COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR
  • Run box office, front of house, and liaise with concessions provider on show dates for Multiverse
  • Recruit and manage volunteer ushers; track their attendance on a spreadsheet provided by COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR
  • Keep track of all audience data; enter audience surveys into spreadsheet provided by RWE
  • Manage raffle
  • Provide House Manager report info to Stage Manager after each performance with total number of guests, and anything noteworthy (broken equipment, audience concerns, etc.)
  • Allow RWE to forward Box Office calls to HOUSE MANAGER’S phone via Google Voice; HOUSE MANAGER will be responsible for responding to any Multiverse related voicemails to that number and answering Box Office calls beginning an hour before curtain. HOUSE MANAGER will refer any other calls to COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR
  • Give the curtain speech before each performance.
  • Keep track of stock of programs and copy more as needed
  • If the proposed arrangement with Spice Monkey to handle concessions does not work out, keep track of stock of concessions product and supplies (wine, snacks, paper goods and cups) and notify COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR before supplies run out so they can be replenished by either HOUSE MANAGER or COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR according to availability; if HOUSE MANAGER purchases product or supplies they will remit all receipts before they leave after the last show of the weekend.

To apply, send an email about interest and relevant experience to brandon@raggedwing.org.

Videography Coordinator – Video Editor

Stipend: varies by position

Both video editing and coordination work is available. Some videographers will have the commitment and expertise to do most/all of the work; many will take on a part, or become part of our pool of contractors, from which coordinators tend to emerge based on an existing working relationship. The coordinator facilitates the shooting, editing, archiving and delivery through digital platforms of video documenting RWE shows and activities. Editors are responsible only for specific contracts, with clear beginnings, project-based deliverables/deadlines, and endings. Please make clear for which part(s) of this position you are applying.

Responsibilities for which the coordinator is responsible:

  • Creating/proposing in advance a consistent system for videography in order to organize & manage shoots for two shows (Fall and Spring). Coordinating all audio and visual equipment and operators to shoot a minimum of two performances of each show, using three cameras and sufficient microphones for consistent audio. Hiring and supervising the editor for the mainstage show
  • Hiring and supervising editor(s), as needed,  for footage from mainstage shows.
  • Organizing footage in all video-dedicated information systems, including an in-office RAID 1 server library/archive, several working/transit hard drives, on RWE’s YouTube account, and on the RWE public website.
  • Doing periodic edits for fundraising and marketing purposes as needed (usually 4 per year), including a 3-minute clip of each show for website, informal fundraising campaign videos for social media, and editing of demo reels (no more than two per year) for grants.
  • Attending meetings as needed (approximately every other month).

To apply, please send resume or CV and links to online material/portfolio to brandon@raggedwing.org with “Videography Coordinator Application” or “Video Editor Application” in the subject line.

Technical Director

Stipend TBD

Ragged Wing Ensemble is looking for a Technical Director for its Spring 2018 production.

Responsibilities include:

  • To regularly check in on process with Scenic Designer, and Director and be available via email and or phone to discuss changes, as needed.
  • To care for the Scenic Designer’s artistic vision, and design the technical implementation of the scenery to the specification of the Scenic Designer, bearing the final responsibility for execution of the scenic design, including meeting all deadlines, as set with the Scenic Designer and Production Manager.
  • To coordinate with the scenic team, including Scenic Designer and Properties Designer, in their execution of relevant scenic elements.
  • To create a materials budget, and once approved by Production Manager, keep expenses within this budget.
  • To coordinate usage of the equipment from The Flight Deck, and secure other equipment if necessary.
    • Organize, source and acquire materials.
    • Organize, recruit and supervise hired and volunteer labor.
    • Lead the build.  

Load-in begins March 12, and the production opens the first weekend of April 2018. Please send resumes, the names and contact info for three references, and a brief cover letter to Leslie Price, Ragged Wing Ensemble Production Manager at leslie@raggedwing.org

Costume Designer

Minimum Stipend: $600

Ragged Wing Ensemble is searching for a Costume Designer for its upcoming spring 2018 production. The Costume Designer is responsible for collaborating with the director on a vision for the costumes for the production; bearing the final responsibility for execution of the costumes design; creating and managing a materials budget; organizing, sourcing and acquiring materials; and maintaining costumes throughout the run of the show. Preview is the last weekend of March, and the production opens the first weekend of April 2018. Please send resumes to Leslie Price, Ragged Wing Ensemble Production Manager at leslie@raggedwing.org

Assistant Stage Manager 

Minimum Stipend: $500

Ragged Wing Ensemble is searching for an Assistant Stage Manager for its upcoming production. The ASM will be expected to assist with Front of House and Backstage preparation as needed before and during each performance.  Tasks include (but are not limited to): checking and setting props, moving furniture (up to 45 lbs) during the performance, cleaning front of house/theater before and after performances, assisting ticketing, giving actors call times, and seating audience members.  They will also be required to attend strike after the performance has closed. Preview is the last weekend of March, and the production opens the first weekend of April 2018. Please send resumes to Leslie Price, Ragged Wing Ensemble Production Manager at leslie@raggedwing.org