Join us for the Accelerator, the Flight Deck’s annual gala!

The evening will feature a silent auction, a sit-down dinner, and performances by local artists led by musician Kev Choice.


Sunday, February 26
VIP entry 4:30 pm
General entry 6:00 pm

Want more information about the night’s program? Take a look here.

General seat: Includes entry to the auction, a seat at our show, and dinner.

General table: Includes entry to the auction, the show, and dinner for 10 guests! Optionally, you can choose to have one of your seats filled by an artist from the Flight Deck.

VIP seat: Includes entry to the auction, the show, and dinner, plus entry to our VIP hour at 4:30.

VIP table: Includes entry to the auction, show, and dinner; a bottle of wine and a cake for your table; and entry to our VIP hour for 10 guests. Optionally, you can choose to have one of your seats filled by an artist from the Flight Deck.

Donate to the Accelerator!

Want to donate an item to our silent auction? How about an in-kind donation to be used at the event?

All donations to The Flight Deck and Ragged Wing Ensemble are tax-deductible and a great way to support your local arts community.

You can fill out our Accelerator 2017 Auction Form here.

Donate to Ragged Wing Ensemble!

Can’t attend the Accelerator, but still want to show your support? Make your donation and help support the arts in Oakland!

Thank you to all of our supporters for being part of the Ragged Wing & Flight Deck family, and for stepping up to make sure that the arts thrive in Oakland.

Producer’s Circle

FLYING ACE ($5,000+)
Mary Ford & Rob Lewis; Ben Shneiderman & Jennifer Preece

TOP PILOT ($2,500+)
Bonnie & John Chase; Ira & Marcia Wagner

ART GLIDER ($1,000+)
Adrian Bozzolo; Goldman Sachs; John Goldstein & Holly Roberson; Sue Krumbein; Vicente Lopez; Karin Mortensen; Lisa Taylor

WIND GUIDE ($500+)
Amanda Bornstein; Jessica Broitman; Erna Clarvoe; The Clarvoes; Rich Dionne; Dan Kurtz; Kathy Mattingly; Hilary Naylor; Djuna Odegard; David & Bob Schneiderman; Sara Shneiderman & Mark Turin; Nancy Shneiderman; James Silverglad; Michael Sosin & Tedi Siminowsky; Karen Welch; Matt & Winter Williams


Chris Boas; Debbi LaDue; Karen Larsen

SKY DIVER ($100+)
Anonymous; Lawrence Applebome; Elizabeth Armstrong; Eric Bohr & Mary Matabor; The Colossus Improv Company; David Cramer; Jessie & Mookie Dykstra; Marco Galasso; Anirvan & LeeAnna Ghosh; Maurice & Jeanne Glad; Dustin Gross; Ruth Anne & Michael Grove; Janet Hayter & David Ulrey; Jennifer Holland; Jon Jackson; Lindsay Krumbein; Maryann Leshin; Sharon Macarthur; Janet Maughan; Laurie McCants; Carroll Merlick; Chris Merlick; Melissa Milton; Mudita Nisker; Emmanuel Noel; Passport Foundation; Philip Pearsall; Stephen Rentmeesters; Margo Takemiya; Robin Wand; John Weinshel

Donors (up to $99)
Anonymous; Elizabeth Appell; Cheri Arnold; Joan Aurich; Mark Bath; Mary Bernstein; Betsy Bigelow-Teller; Sandra Blair & Carol Cohen; Denisse Mancia Braun; Bryan Brown; Lina Buffington; William Campbell; Kate Clarvoe; Emma Craig; Roberta D’alois; Anne Darragh & David Ford; Brian Dean & Liz Wand; Lisa Drostova; Mark Fallon; Claire Ferrari; Eric Frothingham; Durand Garcia; Lisa Marie Grillos; Bjorn Gustafsson; George Guy; Anne Hallinan; Richard Harper & Barbara Michelson-Harder; Hilary Hayes; Gregangelo Herrera; Anastasia Hollenbach; Byron Huey; Lily Janiak; Jeffrey Johnson; Gabriel Judet-Weinshel & Pilar Valdes; David LaDue; Carol Lashof; Pearl Lipner; Rebecca Longworth; Mable Low, Darlene Hamady, and Vicky Jennings; Laura Lubetsky; Ellen Margolis; James Mattingly; Mike Napolitano; Martha Kay Nelson; Robin Nesbeda; Eve Niedergang; Sean Nittner; Annie Paladino; Sara Perseil; Sarah Petersiel/Under the Table; Madeline Puccioni; Shannon Ratay; Christine Richardson; Sharon Robinson; Karen Roeper; Lina Roque; Rebecca Schultz; Sequoia Consulting;  Ben Shneiderman; Anna Shneiderman; Ashley Siebels; Rebecca Sinnhumber/Gregangelo and Velocity Arts and Entertainment; Steve Snider; Sara Staley; Cathy Stonie; Carl Sussman; Dusty Sykes; Michael Sznajderman; Alva Tamura; Marlene Tobias; Mary Vradelis; Ben Yalom


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Ragged Wing Ensemble
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Oakland, CA 94612



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