January 18, 2017

Dear Community,

This is a big week – for our city, for our country and for our world. While of course many of us have been fighting social justice battles for generations, this is the moment when we officially become the resistance in a new way and we must decide how to hold this. What actions will we take? How will we live differently in this new reality? How will we take responsibility for creating the world we want to see?

As artists, we ask ourselves these questions every day through our artistic practice. This week, The Flight Deck and Ragged Wing Ensemble offer three ways to participate in our nation’s acts of creative resistance. Come join us.

In Solidarity,

Anna Shneiderman
Executive Director

Thurs, Jan 19 at exactly 5:30 pm: The Ghostlight Project 

At the exact same time across the country, members of the theater community will gather outside of theaters to join in a collective, simultaneous action, together creating “light” for challenging times ahead. Inspired by the tradition of leaving a “ghost light” on in a darkened theater, artists and communities will make or renew a pledge to stand for and protect the values of inclusion, participation, and compassion for everyone. Bring a flashlight.

Fri, Jan 20, 11am-4pm: Sit in For Hope in The Flight Deck Gallery

The Flight Deck is a place where Black Lives Matter, where Queer and Trans people are safe, and where Everyone is Welcome whatever their nationality, religion or immigration status. It is a place led by women for everyone, where art is crafted and shared, where culture is shaped, and where real, deep connections are made. On Inauguration Day, come sit together in community and create the world we want to see. We’’ve got work to do.

Sat, Jan 21, 10am-12pm: Ragged Wing Ensemble joins Oakland’’s Women’’s March

Ragged Wing Ensemble offers its particular brand of visual and performative pageantry to Oakland’s Women’s March. Our offering will involve giant puppetry, chanting and umbrellas. We will be gathering at Madison Park at 10 am and marching 2 miles to end up in front of The Flight Deck. Join us at 10 or find us en route. Come march with us, dress for wet weather and bring an umbrella.

Join us for the Accelerator!

February 26, 2017
At the Flight Deck

The Flight Deck’s annual gala will include a silent auction, an elegant sit-down dinner next door at SPUR, and performances featuring local musician Kev Choice and Flight Deck artists.  Tickets and more info here.

OVERNIGHT March 31-April 22

Ragged Wing Ensemble continues the Concrete Dreaming season with this groundbreaking collaboration.

What if a huge tower sprang up on your block, literally overnight? 

In partnership with Gritty City Repertory Youth Theatre, The Lower Bottom Playaz, Theatre Aluminous & Kev Choice, Ragged Wing Ensemble presents OVERNIGHT. Tickets are on sale now; use code “EarlyBird” at checkout for $5 off before 3/1/2017

Learn more about OVERNIGHT

Meet the Artists of Ragged Wing!

We are gifted by the presence of so many talented people, and Artistic Director Amy Sass has been interviewing them and sharing their stories. Get to know Anthony Clarvoe, Marlene Tobias, Michele Owen, Fenner, Sango Tajima, Mary Matabor, Anya Kazimierska, Addie Ulrey, and many more!

The Flight Deck is honored to be a Google Impact Challenge grantee

The Flight Deck is one of the 25 finalists that received funding from  the Google Impact Challenge: Bay Area. Though the Deck is not up for public vote, we will receive $100,000 from Google.org and support from Google volunteers for The Launch Pad, a project supporting small arts organizations in Oakland to employ underrepresented artists.. You can see the other finalists at g.co/bayareachallenge. We are honored to have Google as our collaborator in helping local artists.