OVERNIGHT March 31-April 22

Ragged Wing Ensemble continues the Concrete Dreaming season with this groundbreaking collaboration.

What if a huge tower sprang up on your block, literally overnight? 

In partnership with Gritty City Repertory Youth Theatre, The Lower Bottom Playaz, Theatre Aluminous & Kev Choice, Ragged Wing Ensemble presents OVERNIGHT.

Learn more about OVERNIGHT

Check out the East Bay Times article about new construction on our block, complete with a video interview of Creative Producer Anna Shneiderman.

Meet the Artists of Ragged Wing!

We are gifted by the presence of so many talented people, and Artistic Director Amy Sass has been interviewing them and sharing their stories. Get to know Anthony Clarvoe, Marlene Tobias, Michele Owen, Fenner, Sango Tajima, Mary Matabor, Anya Kazimierska, Addie Ulrey, and many more!