…beyond our broken universe…

Oct 27 – Nov 11, 2017

Preview Oct 22

Fridays and Saturdays 8pm

Sundays 5pm

Who are you when you’re not being somebody for someone else? Step boldly into dream-like alternate realities that illuminate different ways of being. What do you want to find?

Known across The Bay for original, ensemble-driven productions, Ragged Wing Ensemble invites you to The Flight Deck in Downtown Oakland for a new multidisciplinary performance piece that journeys through worlds of, music, visual art, scripted storytelling and movement.

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Thank you for joining us for OVERNIGHT

We are grateful to our community not only for coming to the show and sharing your thoughts, but also helping us raise $923 to donate to the victims of the San Pablo fire.

Critics are calling OVERNIGHT “timely and poetically just,” “a patchwork picture of diverse perspectives providing more food for thought than answers.

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