Help the Flight Deck Replace Stolen Equipment

On November 29, 2017, the Flight Deck — Ragged Wing Ensemble’s home, and the home of many other creative organizations and individual artists — was the victim of a break-in that resulted in the loss of some much-needed equipment.

Read more about the theft, the costs of recovery, and what you can do to help at the Flight Deck website.

Click here for more information and to sign up!


Three Wins for Ragged Wing Ensemble at the 2017 Theatre Bay Area Awards!

Overnight — winner of Outstanding Anthology Production! Thank you to Gritty City Rep, the Lower Bottom Playaz, Theatre Aluminous, and Ragged Wing Ensemble, who made this collaboration a success! Go, Flight Deck Resident Companies!

The Winter’s Tale — winner of Best Sound Design by Ella Cooley!

The Winter’s Tale —  winner of Best Scenic Design by Jalua Dell! Thank you to Oakland School for the Arts for our very first Student Designer collaboration.

Don’t miss our up and coming world premier by Addie Ulrey, created for Ragged Wing’s Core Company!



…beyond our broken universe…

We wanted to know:

How do we fix what is broken?

What happens when we realize the real change starts inside each of us?

Two astronauts, escaped the cruelty and destruction of our current world, traveled through multiple realities (dystopian, strange, beautiful, and comic) looking for a kinder, freer universe. As they traveled, their identities were thrown into question, and they grappled with the scariest thing in the multiverse: themselves.

Collaboratively created by a diverse team of seven multi-talented artists with guidance from Ragged Wing Artistic Director Amy Sass, MULTIVERSE took us on a wild ride through possible realities and back to ourselves. This project is a powerful act of collaboration, ensemble and co-authorship.

Thank you to all of our amazing audiences that made this show a success!

“I wasn’t ready for the play to end!”

See you in April for our next show!